How to fix Norton Error 8504? +1-870-229-0090


How to fix Norton Error 8504? +1-870-229-0090

Recently I lost some of my very important files. When I tried to get them recovered by a professional, I was asked to have Norton Antivirus by the engineer. But since I am little less techno savvy, the million dollar question was How to set up and install Norton antivirus’.

Then internet helped me and I got to know that first of all we need to ‘sign in’ to Norton and before that you need to ‘sign up’ if we do not have and account. Then we reach ‘get started’ page to click ‘download Norton’. Then I was supposed to click ‘enter new product key’ to move further. I saw a message ‘to start your subscription, enter your billing information and product key at ‘. Now we need to click on ‘agree & download’. Choose the product that you want to download and click ‘next’. In case the product that we are looking for is not available on the list, then click ‘load more’. Now ‘install’. I also got to know that if if we want to install Norton antivirus on some other device, we need to ‘send a download link’ that can be accessed on that system or device. In case more help is needed there is a link called as ‘I want to install my Norton product on a different device’, it will help you installing Norton antivirus on the other device.

For some days it was fine, and then I encountered the error of Norton Antivirus not working. Then I made another round of research and I got to know that I need to uninstall Norton Antivirus software first and then we install it. Thus I started to follow all the steps that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. As soon as I reached the final step of installation, I encountered another error 8504.

Now I need to know how to fix Norton error 8504 first. It is an error which is caused at the time of failed Norton installation or while upgrading Norton antivirus software to a newer version. It may also be caused because of some other antivirus software which is already installed on the system.

If the error 8504 appears because of the first reason of failed installation, it is necessary to use the ‘Norton removal tool’.
If the error is caused due to the second reason, one may need to uninstall the other antivirus software and then try to re-install it.

I used the ‘Norton removal tool’. Then finally I was capable of following the same procedure as mentioned in the previous paragraph till the last step of installation. Now my problem was finally resolved.

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