Getting Norton Security Error 3038, 104 Fixed – Symptoms, Causes

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Getting Norton Security Error 3038, 104 Fixed – Symptoms, Causes

Given the options which you have, it’s always somewhat tough to select a good antivirus software. Despite the fact that you look for a powerful medium to guard your device, you’re more likely to zero in on Norton. The whole antivirus protection program out of Norton by Symantec is enough to save you from your significant threats.

The antivirus is packed with features that guarantee complete respite. You are far more at ease and there’s the also the assurance of ceaseless will be right.

But then, there are just a few things that might occur as a shocker.

One such situation that you’re very likely to encounter is when you get Norton Error 3038,104. When you find yourself the error message, it usually points to just one item – your machine will quit working completely. Naturally, with your PC failing to respond to your commands, you’re bound to anticipate something sinister.

The fact that you are getting this error message with no previous warning is bound to have a negative impact. Hence, you will be eager to come up with a way, so as to get the problem solved, without much of any disrepute.

You don’t get stuck in a scenario using Norton 3038, 104, like this? There are symptoms you have to take note of and this helps you to acquire a better view on what has to be done.

With runtime Error 3038,104, your PC has the tendency to crash frequently as soon as you receive Error 3038,104, the active app window crashes by itself.

Sluggish reply from Windows and you also are not able to get a suitable answer through mouse or keyboard input.

Your Own PC freezes for a few seconds periodically

Most of the instances, the Error Message 3038,104 related to Norton internet security looks when you are trying to get the program installed. There are numerous other elements that must be both held accountable for.

Thus, you are knowledgeable about the typical symptoms associated with the Error 3038, 104. Nevertheless, you should be equally interested to understand and learn more about the reasons. When you get a clear image, it essentially allows you to find a possible solution that may address your immediate consideration.

What Causes Error 3038, 104?

It is not that hard to pinpoint the specific reasons that cause Error 3038, 104. The reasons can be diverse and it all comes down to a ground situation. Some of them are being elaborated below:

Installation or Uninstallation of Norton related files or programs might corrupt the Window registry.

Virus or malware infection might have affected a number of their Window system files

Missing or Deleted Norton Antivirus related program files.

So, the reasons can fluctuate and quite often, it will become hard to pinpoint one specific reason. Your present objective should now be to search for a way through which you’ll be able to resolve the circumstance, once and for all it.

The Way To Repair Norton Error 3039, 1004?

Herein recorded under is a list of troubleshooting ideas that can assist you to get the Error 3038,104 solved. The steps being discussed here are rather time-consuming and you must emphasize more on getting the fundamentals right.

Try repairing the registries associated with Norton Error 3038, 104:

If you are attempting to manually edit the Window registry entries, then it becomes necessary to exercise some quantity of caution. Any slight mistake in using the Registry Editor may damage the system. Prior to making any effort to begin the repair, you might create a essential backup by transferring some part of the registry records. This is how you create the backup file of Norton antivirus related registry entry.

A Complete Malware Scan of Your PC is Absolutely Necessary:

The simple fact that you are getting Error 3038,104 additionally points to one thing. Due to malware infection, your PC has turned into somewhat vulnerable, resulting in its slow response. Sometimes, the machine also reboots on its own.

Judging the situation, the only likely option left for you will be to initiate a complete malware scan. This goes a long way to eradicate all of the malware related application and registry entries from the PC.

3. You’re quite conscious of the simple fact your computer system becomes nearly a hotbed of crap files.

Instead of being of some use, those junk files are a crystal clear nuisance and it would seem appropriate to clean up them. Since the junk that had accumulated might produce a circumstance, where the Norton antivirus fails to react. Since it’s considered to be one of the primary reasons for Norton Error 3038, 104, the only thing for you would be to clean out the junk files with Disk Clean Up.

  1. Quite often, because of obsolete or corrupted device drivers, you wind up in a circumstance, in which you receive Error 3038, 104. The explanations for its malfunctioning of device drivers can fluctuate. But the only solution left for you would be to upgrade the device drivers, that surely helps to resolve the issue permanently. For a change, obtaining the Windows update installed and downloaded is fairly an easy endeavor.
  2. “Undo” Present System Changes Using Windows System Restore:

Windows System Restore gives you the ability to go back in time on your PC. This means you have a good probability of getting the Error 3038.104 mended with significant ease. All that you need to do is to use System Restore to go back to a time wherein the files and programs were working fine.

6. Thinking about the Error 3038,104 is connected with a very particular program, what exactly are you supposed to do? Given the situation, you can attempt to reinstall and uninstall the Norton antivirus related applications. In doing this you could stand an opportunity to fix the mistake, without needing to endure any issue.

The measures can be somewhat complicated. In case, you find the going tough, the only option left for you would be to get hold of the Norton client support team. This is where you get all the necessary aid, wherein you are not required to be concerned about additional factors.

7. System File Checker ends up to be a useful tool, which you can use to scan and restore corrupt files in Windows. After conducting the Window File System Checker, you’ll see a means to deal with the problem and get it repaired.

8. Install All Window Updates:

In an effort that will help you resolve the Norton Security Error 3038,104, Microsoft makes it a point to constantly update and enhance the Windows program files. In reality, by simply solving the runtime problems, you will get a chance to solve the Error 3018,104. Be sure to update the most recent service pack of Windows and you may have one less issue to manage.

For some reason, installing the upgrades may not be that easy. There are several aspects that you have to take into account. If you’re going through a difficult patch, then there is the only thing you can perform. Just make certain you contact the anti virus support team and this way, you’ll find the desired solution, without having to compromise on front.

  1. Clean Installation of Windows is a Must:

Although it’s a time-consuming process, it does help to wash out all the unnecessary junk. On the other hand, the re-installation will clearly erase all of the data from your PC. Thus, it will become necessary to have a necessary backup.

10. The Onus is Entirely Upon You

The modicum of problems which have surfaced using the Norton Security Error 3038,104 does indicate problems. You’re not really in a position to deal with the scenarios by yourself. Thus, you are needed to create a selection. Based on the situation you’re in, getting aid through Norton chat support seems to be a logical move. At least, you will have the necessary tools to handle a circumstance, where you aren’t required to fret much.

Basically, it all comes down to the decisions you make and that is it. If you’re wanting to find the issue fixed, then you must act now, instead of waiting for a more suitable moment.

For more help, you might also dial our toll-free Norton Technical Support Number(870)-390-4894 without any delay because our technical staff will type out your technical questions with a comprehensive resolution.

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